What Your Handwriting Says About Your Health

Want to know how healthy you are? Look no further than your signature. This behind-the-scenes look at handwriting analysis will help you recognize the indicators that it’s time to watch your diet, schedule your next physical exam, and start being more proactive about your health.

Posted on | By Kathi McKnight

On my website, I offer a report called The 13 Signs of Suicide and it discloses the full grocery list of traits that reveal depression. When 5 or more of these traits are present in one’s handwriting, it is a strong indication of depression and it is definitely advised to seek support from friends and/or a professional.  

A reminder: Serious illness does not just happen over night. You can set an intention to empower yourself to do whatever you need to take care of you. Meditate, take more walks in nature, drink more water, get plenty of rest, do things daily that will expand a feeling or a level of comfort within you. There are dozens of ways every day that you can give your immune system a little boost. Laughter is one. The time is now. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, neither are two handwriting samples. That means you are one in a billion. And you are worth it. 

Article written by Kathi McKnight