What Your Personality Type Reveals About Your Health

Your personality can have an affect on your health. See what it means for your future!

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Are you neurotic, impulsive or easygoing? New research asserts that personality traits like these can be linked to medical problems. According to this new science, personality can increase your likelihood of specific health conditions like ulcers, viral infections and even cardiovascular disease. Knowing your risk factors can help you take preventative steps to stay healthy and happy.

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The first step is identifying your personality type. Although you may have only heard of Types A and B, science now recognizes four distinct personalities. While most of us fit into one predominant personality style, we may exhibit traits or behaviors from other types as well. This overlap creates your unique constellation of traits, a combination that has specific significance for your health.

Take this quiz to determine your personality type, learn the conditions associated with it, and discover how to combat these risks. Get the printable version of this quiz here.

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