Your 5 Biggest Body Complaints Solved

From thinning hair to pimples down there, Dr. Oz and a panel of experts solve your biggest, sometimes embarrassing, body complaints.

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Are you happy with the way you look and feel? According to the research, more than half of all women are dissatisfied with their overall appearance. Dr. Oz wants to lower that number, so after a nationwide poll, he compiled your top 5 body complaints. Then, he gathered a team of experts to tell you how to fix them.

Complaint #5: Pimples Back There

While blemishes on your derriere may seem out of place, acne can appear any where on your body that has oil glands. And when underwear covers up those glands and rubs your skin, tiny, embarrassing pimples can erupt.

The 4-Step Solution

  1. Wear clean cotton underwear that can absorb perspiration and reduce friction on your bum.
  2. Shower immediately after exercise and wash the area well.
  3. Use cleansers with salicylic or alphahydroxy acid, or benzoyl peroxide to remove surface oils and unclog pores. (Note: Only use benzoyl peroxide with white underwear, since it can bleach colors.)
  4. If your anti-aging moisturizer contains retinol, a vitamin A derivative that also tackles acne, try applying it to your behind.

Complaint #4: Thinning Hair

While male baldness may be acceptable cocktail conversation, no one talks about the fact that 40% of women also experience thinning and hair loss. As we age, our bodies begin to produce less estrogen, which lets the male hormone testosterone take over, often producing unwanted facial hair and causing hair loss.

The 3-Step Solution

  1. If you’re taking birth control pills, talk with your doctor about trying another kind to better balance your hormones.
  2. Try hair-builder products with keratin, a protein that attaches to the hair shaft and makes each hair appear bigger.
  3. Look into the new FDA-approved laser comb (available online), which is thought to stimulate your hair follicles to produce more hair.

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