Your Guide: 7 Essentials for Women Over 40

If you’re a woman over 40, thousands of products and ideas are being marketed directly at you every day. To help navigate the cluttered over-40 marketplace, Dr. Oz has pared everything down to the 7 essentials every woman needs the most.

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Today, when a woman turns 40, she crosses over into a whole new consumer marketplace, becoming the target of multibillion-dollar industry. Every time she watches TV, flips through a magazine or surfs the web, she’s accosted by ads promoting the latest anti-aging creams, cures for instant weight loss, libido-boosting supplements to revive your sex life, etc. How can a woman over 40 figure out what she really needs?

To help tackle this dilemma, Dr. Oz has gathered expert information on the 7 essentials women over 40 need the most.

In the Bedroom: Lack of Sleep and Lower Sex Drive

Difficulty sleeping can be impacted by stress or other life challenges. However, when a woman hits 40, hormonal changes linked to perimenopause can also interfere with getting a good night’s rest. To compound this, being tired makes you less likely to want to have sex.

A Healthy Bedroom Environment/Relaxing Bedtime Rituals

First, if you’re having trouble sleeping, take a look at your bedroom environment. To induce sleep, make sure the room is dark, quiet and kept at an average temperature; make sure your bed and pillows are comfortable; create relaxing bedtime rituals such as taking a warm bath or shower.


Essential 1#:  Valerian Root: If you’re still having trouble sleeping, consider valerian root. Used for centuries around the world, valerian root is a natural herb that can promote relaxation and sleep, a safer alternative to habit-forming prescription sleep aids. Try drinking valerian root tea a couple of hours before bedtime. As with all supplements, talk to your doctor first before taking valerian.