Your Over-35 Survival Kit

Dr. Oz shares what you need in your over-35 toolkit to not just survive but thrive, physically and emotionally!

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It seems like when we hit 35, our bodies give us more of the things we don’t want and less of the things we do. Stress, belly fat, and wrinkles increase, while our libidos decrease. Dr. Oz’s over-35 survival kit gives you everything you need to live better, look better, and feel better than ever before.

Relieve Stress: Lemon Balm

We all know how important it is to manage stress, but it’s crucial after 35. As you age, you’re more prone to stress-related conditions like obesity, type-2 diabetes, brain atrophy, heart disease, high blood pressure and more.

Fortunately, all-natural lemon balm is one of the most effective stress relievers out there, which is why it’s been used been used for centuries. It works similarly to prescription stress medications like Valium, binding to brain receptors that calm you down and reduce anxiety.

Lemon balm is available in a number of forms. Try the liquid extract, as it provides nearly immediate results. You can find it in grocery and health stores for about $10. Take one dropper-full in water when you’re feeling stressed or in need of a boost, up to three times a day.

Relieve Bloating: Pineapple Juice

Of course, avoiding salty and fatty foods is important, but as we age, hormonal changes make a flat belly harder and harder to achieve even if you watch what you eat. After 35, your sex hormones fluctuate, making your body retain more water and your GI tract not as efficient, resulting in bloating.

Keep your belly in check with pineapple juice, an all-natural belly flattener! Just one small can a day contains digestive enzymes (known as bromelain) that help break down the food in your gut that could otherwise cause bloating and gas.

Want an even easier way to drink it? Make pineapple juice ice cubes; six cubes a day in your water will help boost your metabolism thanks to the cold, and they’ll digest slowly for daylong digestive relief.