Gary Ginsberg, PhD

Toxicologist, Faculty Yale & Univ. of Connecticut


Dr. Ginsberg is a public health toxicologist whose research focuses on the unique susceptibilities of children to environmental toxicants. He evaluates risks and sets standards for contaminants in soil, drinking water, food, air and consumer products.  Over the years he has answered thousands of questions from the general public with this information compiled into his book with Brian Toal What's Toxic, What's Not (Berkley Books) and associated website He has served on 2 National Academy of Science panels, testified before Congress on toxics issues, and serves on US EPA's Science Advisory Board. He won the Society of Toxicology's best risk assessment paper of the year award in 2009. He teaches toxicology and risk assessment at the Yale School of Public Health and the University of Connecticut School of Community Medicine. 


Primary Goal: Lets work together to make our kids toxic-free.