Lisa Lynn

Specialist in Metabolic Disorders and Personal Training

Lisa Lynn Headshot
Lisa’s passion for fitness originates from her 25 years of devoted practice in the field of personal training, health and wellness. She is best known for her 13 years as personal trainer to Martha Stewart, who said, “She’s the only trainer that made a difference.”


Lisa is a motivator and role model to CEOs, models and actors, and loves working with people. Lisa’s approach to weight loss is based on her personal experience, and her devotion to studying the metabolic effects of food, certain exercises and the smart use of supplements. As a teen, she persevered to lose 40 lbs (and keep it off!) despite her under-active thyroid. This experience inspired her to help others find solutions to their specific fitness and wellness needs. Over the past 25 years, her work with body-building and fitness experts, including Dr. Fred Hatfield, have helped her understand how specific combinations of diet and exercise can help people achieve the look they want – from simply slimming down, to gaining lean, ripped muscle.


Today, Lisa maintains contacts with top researchers in the fields of sports and wellness supplementation, continually refining her products with the best ingredients in the proper ratios. She continues to take fitness-related classes and also maintains multiple certifications (renewed every two years) from International Sport Sciences including:

  • Elite Trainer
  • Specialist in Performance Nutrition
  • Fitness Therapy  
  • Personal Training

Lisa’s favorite thing to do daily is to study metabolism, and everything and anything to do with the body, mind and soul! 


For more information on Lisa's work, her Leaner Lifestyle DVD and line of supplements, click here.