By Paul Hokemeyer, PhD, JD

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Hokemeyer is a marriage and family therapist who works with individuals, couples and families to help them understand and heal from unhealthy patterns of relating to themselves and others. At the core of his work is the belief that human beings possess all they need to embrace rich, joyous and meaningful lives, but get stuck in unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships with people, places and things. He approaches his work from an Eastern perspective that is grounded in mindfulness, self-understanding and the capacity to learn and grow from pain and discomfort.


Dr. Hokemeyer is affiliated with the Caron Treatment Centers' New York City office and serves on the Board of Directors for the New York Division of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. In addition to holding a doctorate in psychology, Dr. Hokemeyer holds a doctorate in law and worked in the field of environmental conservation prior to devoting his energies full time to the field of psychology.


For more insights on family dynamics, follow Dr. Hokemeyer on Twitter: @drpaulnyc