Home Wrinkle Lasers

There’s been so much press lately about those home lasers that are supposed to get rid of your wrinkles. No more trips to the plastic surgeon’s office; just zap your face with this $500 machine. After a month, your face is supposed to be smoother.


The device is a very low level version of a high powered physician-operated laser that improves skin texture, wrinkles, splotchy pigmentation, redness, and skin appearance in general. But to make the machine safe enough for home use, the company had to power it down. It turns out that this laser has 246 times less power than one that your doctor might use. There is one study that the company quotes that showed a 1 point out of 9 improvement in wrinkles after a month of the home laser. There are no studies that have backed up this statistic in the peer-reviewed medical literature.


If it works, this type of device would be very popular. The real question is whether a device that is made safe enough for home use can really improve your skin enough to justify its cost. Time will tell, but I remain a skeptic and await the high-quality studies. These analyses will evaluate the skin objectively – counting the wrinkles and calculating the surface area of your skin. Until these studies are performed and published, neither you nor I can know whether these new home wrinkle lasers are effective or are shams.


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