Radiofrequency Liposuction

Have you heard about the new liposuction technique that literally melts away fat…with electric current? Here’s how it works – tiny incisions are made in the skin over the fat and a probe is inserted, applying electric current until the fat melts and the skin shrinks. The probe is left in place until the skin heats up about 5 degrees.Then the probe is moved to another location. After the frying, the fat is suctioned out.

So, does it work?  Probably.  Is it better than traditional techniques?  Unknown, since it is brand new and hasn’t been studied in many people. But that hasn’t stopped enterprising doctors from signing up patients for this controlled electrocution. Problems that occur include burns and nerve injuries.  This new technique joins laser liposuction, fat freezing, and noninvasive focused ultrasound as the new fat-killing kids on the block. Which works? Which is the best? Which is the safest? All unknown.  My advice? Wait to see more studies before you dish out your money for something new and unproven.

Added to Plastic Surgery on Thu 04/01/2010