Botox Parties

Have you heard about those parties where people gather for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and a little Botox?  Sounds good, doesn’t it? Go to a nice social event and look better at the same time. But, what’s wrong with this picture? Botox is a real procedure. And lots of things can happen when a needle is pushed through the skin. Like fainting.  Nine percent of people faint when they donate blood. And sometimes people can have heart attacks from fainting. 


And how about patient confidentiality? Not possible in a group session. And that alcohol they serve at some Botox parties? You can’t imbibe and legally consent to a medical procedure. And what about those laws that regulate the medical environment? Do we throw them out?


Botox parties are a bad idea. And the doctors who inject Botox in a group environment are practicing questionable medicine.

Added to Plastic Surgery, Skin Care, Anti-Aging on Tue 11/03/2009