Molding Babies' Ears

Now that you've read YOU: Having a Baby, here's what to do if your child is born with ears that stick out. Kids love to tease other kids with big ears, calling them affectionate names like “Dumbo.” These cruel remarks leave emotional scars for life. Surgery can correct those ears but shouldn’t be done until the child is 6 years old, when the ear has pretty much stopped growing and when the procedure can be done under local anesthesia. 


Ears that stick out are usually not too big. The problem is that the plastic-like cartilage is not folded properly. But did you know that you can actually mold your kid’s ears – just like you can for floppy German shepherd’s ears? Creative plastic surgeons know just how to tape the ears properly, and if this is done before your child is 3 months old, you might just correct the problem without surgery. You have nothing to lose by trying, except an operation.


To avoid years of torment and to eliminate surgery, you have to recognize and treat this problem in the first few weeks of life. But don't do it without a plastic surgeon's guidance – otherwise you might create a worse problem.

Added to Plastic Surgery, Children's Health on Tue 12/08/2009