Get your skin Ready for Winter

It’s the fall. Time for football, sending the kids back to school, and for getting your skin ready for winter. If you’re like most people, your skin has just weathered a barrage of sun damage.  And even though you were supposed to, you didn’t use sunscreen every day.  Well, now is the time to fix that damage.


Sun causes wrinkles, brown spots, red capillaries, and thin, dry skin. Your skin rehab includes exfoliating – that’s removing the dead skin – with glycolic acid or even a loofah pad. And at night put vitamin A on your skin. That’s the wonder drug for the skin – and it’s really the only thing other than surgery that can reverse the effects of the sun.  It really doesn’t matter what kind of vitamin A you put on – the prescription stuff or the over-the-counter creams all work.


Other things that are good for your skin include vitamin C (also at night) and vitamin B3. But you can't just crush a vitamin and smear it on your skin.  These skin care ingredients have to be formulated in just the right way – the right concentration and the right form of the vitamin – to do their magic.

Added to Skin Care, Seasonal Health on Tue 10/13/2009