Seeking “Porefection”

Got pores? Everyone does. Yet rarely have I encountered a patient who didn't think their pores were way too big. Pores are the passageway through which oils are released onto the skin. Body temperature is in part controlled by the release of sweat through the pores, too. Pores always accompany a hair follicle, so wherever there is hair, there will be a pore. Under ideal circumstances, pores should barely be visible.


Life takes a toll upon the skin. Excessive amounts of oil, dead skin cells, residual make-up and environmental debris builds up within pores, stretching them similar to stretching a rubber band. Chronic sun damage and the natural loss of 1% of the skin's collagen every year after the age of 40 weakens the naturally tight pore closure, further exaggerating their appearance. The same conditions also often lead to the formation of blackheads. This is one more reason pores become noticeable.


Digital airbrushing has created unrealistic complexion expectations. Skin in real life does not look airbrushed. Everyone is born with their own uniquely programmed pore size. While it is impossible to alter this genetically predetermined pore diameter, their enlarged appearance can certainly be minimized. Skin care is the mainstay for minimizing the visibility of those large pores. These are the steps you need to take if you find yourself afflicted by large pores that you just haven't been able to fix:


Remove excessive surface oils Use oil- absorbing mattifiers that contain synthetic polymers which soak up excess surface oils like tiny sponges. 


Use non-comedogenic skin care products These formulations won't clog pores. The phrase non-comedogenic should be clearly marked on the product packaging.


Skip the spackle Don't hide large pores under heavy silicone primers that smother skin; this leads to even larger pores.


Unplug or remove any blackheads Exfoliating scrubs, comedone extractors and blemish busters can all be useful.


Clean out the debris & smooth out edges Pore minimizers should contain one or more of these ingredients: glycolic acid, salicylic acid, retinol. Consider using a skin cleansing ultrasonic brush or tool.


Reduce sun damage Wear an oil free SPF 30 daily


Pores rapidly respond to tender loving care and proper skincare maintenance. Opt for clean, healthy pores and watch them snap back just like letting go of the stretched rubber band.


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