Tuning Out the Negative & Turning On the Positive

I have no tolerance for people and all their negativity. I just want to turn off their noise. You know what I mean? I just want to enjoy the peace that comes with literal and figurative silence and get away from the negative forces which can distract and detract from a successful weight-loss journey.


Sure, there are going to be times in our lives where we find ourselves on the receiving end of the negative energy – words and actions of people who seem hell-bent on doing their best to derail whatever progress and/or success we’ve achieved (or strive to achieve) simply because they want to drag us down. In my life, there are people who either want to take credit for what I did or who say I’ll never stay good and will go back to the way I was. Well, I’m, for one, not going back. No way in hell. The man I was before was a mess, a hot mess, of issues, pain and shame. All those things led to addictive behaviors which led to me, at one point, trying to numb those issues with food. Well, not anymore. Do you hear me?! Not anymore!


Sure, I battle with ups and downs in my weight, but that’s a part of life and a part of the new, healthier lifestyle I’m trying to lead. I don’t need you (the collectively negative “you” that is) telling me I’m not gonna make it. Shove off, will you!


Being a better man these days means being a better man to and for myself, and trying to move into better and more positive places comes with that. I’m in a good place now I feel like I’m breathing for really the first time since I was a child. I am also connecting with the reasons for my behaviors, and while many of you out there may or may not have similarly troubling things dating that far back, it is clear that the experiences of the past help make up who and what we are now.


But, this is key; we can rewrite some of that programming to erase those demons and be good, healthy, better, smarter and healthier – that way we undertake weight loss, or any emotional or physical journey, with the best, most positive tools possible. We deserve that and we deserve the chance to make that happen in the best, most positive way that we can. If you’re telling me I’ll never change, what you’re saying is that you want to pull me down into your negativity and that I will not have. Not now, not ever!


Life’s too short to waste anymore of it on self-destructive behaviors. I’m doing my best to be the best Bill I can be and I am sure you all are all working on the best you, too. So if there’s someone negative out there pulling you down, tell them you’re having none of it and walk away. Turn off their noise and enjoy the peace and quiet of silence and enjoy the sounds and feelings of your own positive thoughts and energies. That will be a huge step as you move into a better tomorrow and remember, tomorrow will always be better than today.


Added to Weight Loss, Wellness Warrior, Wellness on Tue 09/21/2010