Favorite Recipes

Terri’s View: Anyone who knows me knows that I’m no Julia Child. I do tend to overcook things, but have managed to find simple dishes that are healthy and easy to make. It can be fun to experiment, and that’s how you may find new things.


People asked about the dish we made on our appearance. Here it is in all its simplicity! Use ready-made grilled chicken strips, or you can grill your own chicken breast. You will also need a bag of the steam-in-a-bag-type veggies. I like the Italian blend. While you are steaming the veggies, boil some water and make whole wheat pasta. I put the veggies and chicken in a pan and pour salsa over it until it's hot.


Put it all over the pasta and it’s a great quick dinner. Ed made this the other night and used some tomato sauce instead of salsa. I have also tried this with shrimp which works just as well.


I also make a very good turkey meatloaf that my kids love. It’s hard to actually give measurements, because I just eyeball things. I take turkey ground meat, 1 egg and use a salt-substitute. I use Panko, which are Japanese breadcrumbs and are less calories and carbs than traditional breadcrumbs. I add some onion powder, garlic powder, oregano and parsley seasonings. Mix it all up and bake. Viola – instant yumminess! Some people stay away from condiments, but I love my ketchup and still use it on meatloaf and burgers. I just don’t drown it. Everything in moderation is our motto.


One of my favorite breakfasts on a non-gym day is a very quick but very healthy way to start the day. I take a packet of instant oatmeal. I like mine a little on the thick side. I combine oatmeal and water, and I add my favorite all natural high-fiber crunch cereal, 1/2 of a mashed banana, and few walnuts and strawberries. Once again – instant yumminess and satiety.


I don’t really believe in the diet plans with the pre-packaged foods, nor am I a fan of frozen diet dinners. They don’t teach you how to eat in real life situations and the frozen dinners only leave you wanting more in an hour. I believe in real food – good food in moderation and exercising portion control.


Ed’s View: Terri and I both have a sweet tooth and at the end of the day when the kids are in bed we have always looked forward to that evening treat.


I have a few that I enjoy, but lately I have made my own concoction that I keep going back to. I take my favorite low-calorie ice cream sandwich, put in the microwave for 10 seconds and then add light whip cream, some strawberries and our favorite high-fiber crunch cereal. It is oh-so satisfying. If your calories were a little high for the day, but you still want something sweet, try a pack of sugar-free jello with a dollop of light whip cream. Just don’t eat the whip cream straight from the container before closing it – you know who you are! I hope that these foods help you stay on track and help you to truly make this a lifestyle change not a diet.


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