Fight the Impending Holiday Blob

If you've been following the Just 10 challenge, you should be feeling better, more energetic and have a bit of a spring in your step even if winter is right around the corner.


But here’s the deal. The holidays are upon us. I hate them. Not the holidays themselves and what they represent, just all the food and foolishness that go with them. Each one is just another reason/cause/justification for overeating! I’m all for a celebration, but does it have to always and only come in the form of a gluttonous meal with caloric, portion and nutrition abandon?! When did seconds become the norm? How come if the plate isn’t heavy, you’re not enjoying yourself and celebrating? That’s a lot of pressure – especially when you are on your way to Just 10.


Here are a couple of ways to avoid having to start over after the holiday without being a party pooper:

  1. Do NOT eat anything with your fingers. Oh, and a toothpick is an extension of your fingers (nice try). If it doesn’t require a fork, FORKget it!
  2. Have a HUGE glass of room temperature water 20 minutes before you leave for the party and a regular size glass when you get there. Yes, you will have to use the restroom, but that’s better than the emergency room down the line.
  3. Protein first. Eat your protein (meat, eggs) before you get to the rest. It will fill you and leave less room for the stuff that makes you stuffed.
  4. If you drink alcohol, have a glass of water in between each drink and avoid sugary mixers, fruit juice included.
  5. Try to get some exercise in early so that you are not crunched for time when it’s time to do crunches.

This should get you started and through this first round of parties. … I’ll get back to you soon about the holidays that are more likely to involve travel so that you will be ready when you hit the road. To paraphrase the immortal words of Chris Tucker: “We got this!”

Added to Diet, Just 10 Challenge on Wed 11/10/2010