Sperm Killers

Most guys assume that they’re not shooting blanks. In other words, they assume they’re fertile. But the fact is that every year, about six million couples have problems conceiving a child – and the source of those problems is the man as often as it is the woman. A lot of guys don’t realize how many things in 21st century life can harm their fertility – and more specifically, their sperm.


The problem isn’t with pollution or plastics or soy products. These have gotten a lot of press, but they don’t in fact harm sperm. The real sperm killers are less obvious.


For example, anything that warms the testicles is going to shut down sperm production temporarily: sitting in a hot tub, for instance, or constantly using a computer (which can generate a surprising amount of heat) on your lap.


Here are some other sperm killers to watch out for:

  • Medical problems such as enlarged veins in the scrotum, infections of the reproductive tract (many of which may not be noticeable) and obstructions of a man’s ejaculatory ducts
  • Obesity (it lowers testosterone levels)
  • Poor diet
  • Use of steroids to enhance athletic performance (these shut down testosterone production and halt sperm production)
  • Use of lubricants during sex (most lubricants are toxic to sperm)
  • Excessive smoking, alcohol use or drug use

By avoiding these sperm killers, you can boost your  and you’ll be improving your overall physical and mental health as well.