Why So Sleepy?

So many of you ask me where my high energy level comes from and how can you get from being so sleepy all the time to the energizer-bunny-kind of energy that I always have. Here is your answer! Before I lost the weight and got healthy, I was very sluggish. I always wanted an afternoon nap. I never wanted to go out dancing because I would be too tired. I watched my children run around and was not able to keep up with them. All these things bothered me so much!


Within 2 weeks of following the nutritional advice of Dr. Oz’s book, YOU: On a Diet, combined with my efforts at the gym, my energy level started to soar! As I continued to eat right and exercise, my energy level continued to improve!


You know what they say about excuses, so I won’t go there. However, the truth is that you will never get out of your slump if you don’t make the necessary changes to improve your life. With change comes change! Next time you’re feeling tired, instead of taking that nap; take a walk, join a gym, run, get moving in any way you can and by doing so afterwards you will be surprised at how much energy you can award yourself!


Lots of you say that you are tired because you can’t sleep at night. Daily exercise will also help with that – trust me, I sleep like a baby at night! Eating healthy also gives your body all the nutrients it craves and in turn makes you feel more alive, awake and motivated!


Four years ago if you asked me if I could keep up with my now 18 year old daughter in a 7K road race, I would have said “No way!” Now we run side by side, and I love it!


I have so much energy and strength that I can beat both my 18 and 16 year old daughters in an arm wrestling match, no problem! Be a role model for your children. Someday they’ll thank you for putting yourself first by taking the time to eat right and exercise! I promised my girls on my 100th birthday that I would run a 5K road race. This is both a big promise and a great goal for me to keep on the path that I’m on and keep my energy level up. No retirement for me, I have way to much life and energy in me! Life is so good. Thanks, Dr. Oz!                  


The bottom line is to stop complaining about being sleepy all the time and do something about it! Quit making excuses, because if you want what I have so badly – just do it! Change is good. I can’t say that enough, as my life continues to get better and better with every passing day! My energy level rocks and I want yours to rock also!



Added to Diet, Fitness, Wellness Warrior on Mon 10/25/2010