Fixing Lower Eyelid Bags Without Surgery

We have all seen them: the bags under the eyes. It can make a 35-year old look 55, or a 55-year old look 75. Not pretty. But is surgery on the eyelids the only way to look years younger than your stated age? The answer is a resounding, NO!  


There is a 10 minute office procedure that can eliminate the lower eyelid bags. It is through a procedure called Volume Restoration, or reinflating the deflated face.  How does Volume Restoration work to make your face look younger?  Here is how…


With aging, the supporting structures of the face, including bone and fat, weaken and diminish in volume. This gives the face a deflated and aged appearance. The lower eyelid bags are really fat in the lower eyelids. But this is not the kind of fat you see when you gain weight – the lower eyelid fat does not get bigger with weight gain or as we age. The lower eyelid fat becomes more prominent due to the loss of supporting structures and the loss of tissue volume underlying the fat of the lower eyelid. As our cheek tissue descends away from the lower eyelid as a function of aging, a curved gap (like a Nike swoop) is left behind, often called the “dark circles under my eyes.”


The simple, but amazing, concept here, and the major difference between surgery on the eyelids,which removes tissue, and Volume Restoration, which adds tissue, is that the re-introduction of tissue volume to this area can restore a youthful appearance to the lower eyelid. With Volume Restoration the lower lid fat pads appear to vanish and the dark circles under the eyes diminish, without removing any tissue surgically. Volume Restoration refers to the goal of reinflating the underlying tissues of the face with a filler.  By filler I mean literally filling in the gaps.


While there are many fillers, Restylane® is an excellent choice. Restylane® is a non-animal substance that is naturally found in normal skin and does not require allergy testing prior to injection. It received US FDA approval for clinical use in 2003, and has been in use in Europe since 1996. It has an excellent ongoing safety record for many years now. The main downside is that its effect lasts for 3 to 6 months, then you require reinjection.


Safe and effective treatment for restoration of volume to restore youthfulness to the lower eyelid is available without the risk of scarring and the downtime of surgery. In comparison to typical cosmetic procedures, injections of Restylane® take only 5-15 minutes to perform, and patients may return immediately back to work or home and resume normal activities immediately.  Treatments of this kind are performed in an office setting which is convenient, private and safe for people who desire this type of treatment. 

Non-surgical smoothening of lower eyelid bags with the use of Restylane® can provide patients with the same improvements seen with lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) in carefully selected patients without the downsides of surgery. 


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