Meatless Mondays Are Coming To A Dinner Table Near You

Have you heard of Meatless Mondays yet? Everyone is talking about it and I am so glad they are! Meatless Mondays is the idea that every Monday, nationwide, Americans are asked to choose vegetarian options for their meals and snacks. I became a vegetarian the minute I walked out of the movie "Food, Inc"...  Although I do believe that lean protein meat options exist, I was bothered by the treatment of animals and given that I have 6 animals of my own, including goats and a pig, I thought I’d try going vegetarian. My husband and I are going on 17 months now without meat and we love it. We’ve been able to eat good food that is cost effective and nutrient dense and we haven’t become deficient on any animal-dependant vitamins and minerals like iron or B12 (we still eat dairy and eggs).

My life is devoted to getting the most nutritional bang for my buck -- it’s my job so it comes naturally to me. The problem occurs when someone chooses to become vegetarian, but doesn’t know how to do it. The body needs complete protein, iron, niacin, B12, etc in order to function properly. If you’re participating in Meatless Mondays, I applaud you; but I also highly suggest that you do your research on the healthiest ways to be vegetarian. Talk to a registered dietitian or visit the American Dietetic Association’s website to find more information on a vegetarian diet (you can also find dietitians in your area on the site as well). Above all, always chose nutrient dense foods that fuel your mind, body, taste buds and soul!

Added to Nutrition, Diet on Tue 10/05/2010