Those Cheese Fries Have How Many Calories?!

The new health care bill includes a provision that many of us have never heard about, but it will affect us all – restaurant labeling. The new health care bill states that restaurants with more than 20 locations and vending machines will need to start posting their nutritional information on food items. What does this mean for you? Well it provides you with further empowerment to make wiser choices when eating out. It also may make you rethink those large portion sizes when you realize that eating an entire meal could put you back 1,300 calories! While you may be inclined to only look at calories, make sure to check out other pertinent information such as saturated and trans fat (have as little as possible and ideally none in your food choices), sugars (limit to 4 grams or less per serving) and sodium (if it’s got more than 800 mg, skip it and choose something else on the menu).

Although states like New York and California have already had such clauses in place for a while now, the rest of the country now has the chance to be savvier during their dining experiences!  Take advantage of this and make the right choice – because you can no longer use the excuse that you had “no idea” how bad something was.


Added to Nutrition, Diet on Tue 04/06/2010