What to Obsess About in 2010

While Steve started his new life a few months ago (and is doing awesome by the way) many of you may have started your's just this past Friday. Ahhh, the thrill of the New Year’s resolution. If you are starting a new life and healthy eating is part of that, I hope you all saw the show on Monday, Jan 4 where Dr’s Oz and Roizen talked about what to do in the new year. My best advice for you is to follow a healthy eating plan and not to get bogged down with expecting the quick fix. That means DO NOT eliminate entire food groups (such as carbohydrates) from your diet, DO NOT go on a starvation diet in an effort to drop weight quickly and DO NOT obsess about calories. Instead, be obsessed about the quality of your calories. That means out with those itsy-bitsy 100 calorie snacks and in with the fresh fruit, mixed nuts, low fat yogurt, etc.  Remember, it takes time and patience to make a true lifestyle change but once you do….wow does it feel great. Just ask Steve!