Slip, Sliding Away: The Latest on Lubricants

The onset of vaginal dryness during menopause can destroy what was once a healthy, satisfying sex life. That is why I recently mentioned silicone lubricants as an essential ingredient for turning "sandpaper sex” into slippery sex.  The power of the right lubricant is truly awe-inspiring. One patient told me that recommending it was the most valuable thing I had ever done for her. Apparently, even her 3 children that I'd delivered were of lesser importance.

Most drug stores have a dizzying selection of lubricants, but almost all are water based. While readily available and inexpensive, most water-based lubricants are gloppy, sticky and contain a propylene glycol preservative, which can be irritating. Silicone lubricants, on the other hand, are more slippery, last much longer and are non-irritating. The down side to a silicone lubricant is that they are generally more expensive, but, remember, a little bit goes a long way. (And, for those without a flesh and blood man on hand, know that they can't be used with silicone vaginal toys.)

So where do you get great lubricants? Your  local drugstore is unlikely to have much of a selection but erotica shops generally have a terrific assortment . If you have never been to an erotica shop, you are probably picturing a sleezy place in a questionable neighborhood where you would be unlikely to venture without wearing a disguise and dark glasses. Today, that is no longer the case.Most cities have perfectly respectable erotica stores intended for normal women to go and comfortably shop. In addition to lubricants, there are toys, fabulous lingerie, and great selections of erotic books and tapes.The staff is usually very happy to help and will go out of their way to make you comfortable. Go with your partner, husband or a girlfriend. It’s easier, and more fun.     

After a session of fantastic, slippery sex, you can even  use a dab of silicone lubricant on your hair to make it smooth and shiny…just don’t use your silicone hair gel in your vagina. (Perfumes and other ingredients can be irritating.) Trust me, if you spring for the good lubricant, your vagina, your husband and even your hair will thank you.

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