Endorphins = Happy = Positive

I have had a challenging summer and would like to share my story. The extreme heat has affected my asthma causing me to have 2 large flare-ups, the last one lasting for 2 weeks. The medications that I have had to take to control the asthma has caused my sugar levels to rise. My diabetes is now under control and I am very happy and feel great. Through all of this I have remained positive. From the constant encouragement from Dr. Mike and my determination to continue my journey to wellness, I knew that I would get through the challenges. Endorphins also helped me though this difficult time.


Endorphins make us feel happy and keep us in a positive mood. Below are some ways that we can increase endorphins, allowing us to feel awesome.

  • Viewing a beautiful piece of art, watching a touching dramatic scene or even listening to an inspiring piece of music can produce endorphins. 
  • Just knowing that it is sunny outside can boost your endorphin production and your mood, so take a nice walk outside and enjoy the sun.
  • Giggle! Whether it's a quick joke or a hilarious movie, having a laugh produces endorphins. Laughter is the best medicine!
  • Chocolate. Ok, let’s not go out and eat several bars of chocolate, just a bite or 2 will cause a response in your brain that will trigger an endorphin release. Don’t indulge; just take a little bite.
  • Exercise will trigger a release of endorphins as well, so go to the gym or just go for a brisk walk.

I hope these suggestion above keep your endorphins flowing, thus keeping you in a positive state of mind. Remember, negative thinking breeds negativity and nothing good comes out of having negative thoughts. Keep on looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. I kept on looking and realized it was there; it was just a little dim at times.


Hope all of you have enjoyed the summer and had a very nice Labor Day! Keep in touch, you can reach me at Riare43a@aol.com.


Weekly Food Menu

Sunday: Whole-grain pasta with chicken meatballs

Monday: Labor Day barbecue: grilled turkey burger on whole-grain bun, Italian potato salad (no mayo – only olive oil and white vinegar)

Tuesday and Friday: Baked tilapia with salsa

Wednesday and Saturday: Whole-grain pizza with sautéed veggies and turkey pepperoni

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