Get Moving in 2011

Now that we’re 2 weeks into 2011, how is your New Year’s resolution going? Too often when it comes to making major changes in our routine, lives and schedules creep in and muddle our best intentions. This year, instead of falling back onto the same old patterns and excuses, I would like to offer you an alternative unlike anything we’ve done before.

Our 11-week diet plan will ignite a nation-wide resolution revolution. The Move It and Lose It in 2011 program combats common pitfalls by creating a personalized program for you. The first step of the plan is to derive a health assessment specific to your body and lifestyle. This analysis will allow you to be concrete in your goals – you will know exactly how much weight you need to lose to get healthy.

One of the key ways to burn fat is to build muscle. Our program makes this easier than ever before because Sharecare has teamed up with Nike SPARQ Training Network to offer free trainers. You can get a customized program from a fitness professional. They will answer your questions and keep you motivated along the way. Additionally, our team of experts will track your day-to-day data so that you can focus on completing the challenge.

The customized interactive nature of the plan makes it simple to get the resources you’ll need to succeed. Every tool is online for free. Our food tracker makes it easy to log everything you eat and helps you make better choices. Our training program allows you to monitor your progress. Additionally, you’ll have a built-in weight-loss community for support; you’ll never be without someone to help you.

Take steps for yourself today and make the choice to change the fate of your health. It’s completely free and easy. Eleven weeks from now you can explain how your resolution revolutionized your life.

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