The Rise of the “Secret Sauce”

Before a page of script was written or a camera turned on, I sat down with my team of producers to discuss exactly what type of program we wanted The Dr. Oz Show to be. It was essential to provide the most current and accurate medical information and to demonstrate the science behind these recommendations. We wanted to show you how your body works – to illustrate chemical, biological, and anatomical processes in a way that was accessible, stimulating and entertaining.

Finally, and most importantly, we needed to convince our viewers that this information mattered to them. Our show’s mission is to have our viewers learn and implement the shows’ lessons to better their health. The motivation that drives people not only to listen to advice, but also to apply it to their daily lives, is what I call the “secret sauce.”

This week as we celebrate our 100th episode, I am humbled by the scope and power of this program. The message of our show has proven not just to be a string of narrative dangling out into the void. YOU, our viewers, have integrated our content into the fiber of your own lives. You took our narrative and turned it into a dialogue. The secret sauce has seeped into the consciousness of our fans, and it continues to inspire.

For our 100th episode celebration, we welcome 100 guests who have each lost 100 pounds. This group, the “Oz 100” represents the message of our show, and additionally the larger mission of the medical community. It’s about YOU living right. I could not be more proud of their success and dedication, and make sure you tune in on Tuesday to celebrate their victories.

Thank you for seeing us through 100 episodes. I look forward to continuing this dialogue together on the road to wellness.


Added to Weight Loss, Wellness, Oz 100 on Fri 02/12/2010