The S.O.S. App: A Lifesaving Tool for Your Phone

Life or death situations. No one ever wants to be there – but many of you will one day find yourselves face to face with an emergency that has the potential to turn your world upside down.


It can strike at the happiest of times – the unexpected tragedies you hear about on the news that make you count your blessings and fear the unknown. But only for a few moments, until the present distracts you from all the what-ifs. “That’ll never happen to our family” or “Heavens, I hope nothing like that ever happens to us” – is the part we could all use some work on.


So, what’s the best thing you can do? Be prepared and be aware. When accidents and emergencies happen, do you want to stand idly buy, helpless? Or do you want to spring into action? All of us want the latter, but not all of us armed with the know-how.


Our entire show is built on education and action. And, by extension, so are many of the projects I stand behind.


That’s why I’ve teamed up with the American Red Cross and Sharecare to create the ultimate emergency care application. The updated S.O.S. app for your Android phone provides step-by-step instructions on dealing with a variety of emergencies, including choking, broken bones, strokes, allergic reactions and more. The kind of stuff you will never want to deal with, but could likely encounter. The more quickly you are able to act, the closer you may get to saving or changing a life when seconds matter most.


I’ve narrated dozens of videos to coach you through emergency protocols. There are Quick Care factoids to help you learn what to do before an emergency strikes. And, if you’re not in the US,  the app will determine what country you’re in and dial the appropriate emergency number.


I know there are tons of other apps you can download to your phones. Ones that make your commute fly by, or make dinners out on the town with the kids in tow a little lighter on disciplinary action (so you can actually talk to your spouse or your friends who just flew into town). By all means, indulge, enjoy, distract. Reset. Start over.


But, in real life, you don’t get to start over when someone you couldn’t imagine spending a day without  signals to you that they are choking. Or when your child or grandchild has accidentally strayed over to the deeper end of the pool. There is no reset button. Scary stuff. Right?


I urge you to consider downloading the app, and after you do that, I strongly urge you to spend a few minutes each day learning more about emergency response, CPR techniques and all the lifesaving information that the Red Cross and Sharecare have put at your fingertips. To download the app, click here. 


Hopefully, you won’t ever have to use the information you’ve learned. You can always pray for the best. But it never hurt to prepare for the worst. 


Added to Emergency, Family Safety on Wed 05/23/2012