Brain Health in Sin City and Top News

The biggest sexual organ is the brain, so I guess it is appropriate to talk about and raise money for brain health in sin city – or as I like to say, the world’s sexiest city. Now don’t get the wrong impression; Nancy and our kids Jeff and Jenn joined me this time. You’d think I love Las Vegas because I’ve been there so much this month. The first time was for Mehmet and my benefit at the Vemma convention for Healthcorps and then onsite at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo center for Brain Health. Now I’m back for the biggest fundraiser of the season at the magnificent Bellagio, where Larry and Camille Ruvo hosted 1500 of Larry and the brain’s closest friends at his Power of Love Gala. 

The Ruvos raised 27.4 million last year for this worthy cause of improving the care for patients with degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and their caregivers at the magnificent Frank Gehry Center. This is one party you can invite yourself to, (check out all you need is the large admission fee. Brad Garrett and Ray Romano entertained.

As to the medical stories of the week, I tweeted (@youngdrmike) these as most important (and we discussed on YOU: The Owner’s Manual radio show which you can listen to at on Saturdays at 5-7 p.m. EST).

Most important top medical article of week: Brain scans show 7% increased activity in brain closest to cell phone antenna.

The second most important medical article of week: Honduras cares about the health of its population. They are going to place a ban on cigarette smoking, even while at home.

The third most important medical story of week is a tie: President Obama’s Chef cooks up healthy deserts, and why toddlers throw tantrums –and what you can do about it.  

And my New Year’s resolution for 2011 is partially intact—smaller portions fell two days this week, and but an extra 11 minutes of cardio every day stayed intact, and it is already March 2. I’ve tracked them on Remember, when you have wonderful choices, chose the one best for your health — do like Dr Oz and chose to move it!



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