More on the MJ Trial: Doctor Testimonies

Dr. Paul White seems to be trying to defend Murray rather than just telling the facts. He is defending the undefendable – and not just allowing the interpretation of data.


No doctor should have left his patient's side after giving an anesthetic unless he had immediate monitoring in another room that allowed immediate response (sometimes anesthesiologists have to do this for MRI studies). No doc should have accepted this role for MJ without knowing how to ventilate and how to appropriately monitor a person; no doc should do this in a home. Michael Jackson should have survived that night if appropriate monitoring and ventilation would have been done. 


My thoughts about a good friend Paul White: Paul White MD, PhD is someone whose reputation as a solid scientist is well established. He doesn't appear to have lied here, just tried to inform another position – but he is clearly on the wrong side of standard of care.   The generous view: He got in a bad position due to data he didn't know when he agreed to testify for the defense and couldn't find a way out. His responsibility to the defense and ego for that got in the way of him saying, “There is new data; I can no longer testify.”


His solid reputation and solid body of work prior to this will and deserves to be what his long-term credibility is based on.


Added to Health News on Tue 11/01/2011