The Power of Kindness and Top News

This week, the SPF 50 came out! After Sin City we went to Sun City, which is nearby La Quinta, California – just outside Palm Springs. I want to say thanks to a nice officer of the law who let me go with only a warning, as I was rushing to the hot tub (no, I wasn’t going to drive the car in)! But speeding (save the gesture of pure kindness) could have turned my day and maybe entire week negative. Here’s to you, officer! Thank you and wish I hadn’t been so nervous or I would have gotten your name and sent you a personal thank you card and a book or two (plus tickets to The Dr Oz Show)! But that tells you how much a kind gesture can mean to someone, so go out of your way and make someone else’s day today. I will.

As to the medical stories of the week, I tweeted (@youngdrmike) these as most important (and we discussed on YOU: The Owner’s Manual radio show which you can listen to at on Saturdays at 5-7 p.m. EST).

The most important top medical article of week: Estrogens leak from non-BPA bottles. Is it time to give up plastics? This is a scary story – this could be why our kids and women are getting more endocrine tumors and breast cancer. It may be time to give up on plastic for a while, and just drink water from the tap in non-breakable glass (I checked, that doesn’t leach bad stuff according to our YOU Doc expert Gary Ginsberg of What’s Toxic, What’s Not, the best book I have in my garage.)


The second most important medical article of week: In an article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, exercise reduced or eliminated almost every detrimental effect of aging in mice. Studies of older humans have shown that weightlifting can improve mitochondrial health, as can moderate endurance exercise. This is yet another reason I’m going to keep lifting and doing cardio even more on vacation.  

The third most important medical article of week: How kindly you treat yourself determines your happiness, level of optimism, and longevity. That’s right, people who get down on themselves don’t do as well as people who boost themselves. Heck, I deserved to be let off by that nice officer! (If you think that I obsessed with traffic tickets, you might think I ought to have Mehmet drive more – but you would never think this if you’ve seen him drive!)

The fourth most important medical article of week: US teens and young adults are “doing it” less. Yes, 28% of teens and young adults pooled in a large survey said they were virginal, compared to equal aged and geographic group at 22% 10 years ago. What gives? Are we educating better about dangers of sex before emotional maturity or sexually transmitted diseases? Or are we going to be a smaller society (fewer babies) in the future? I don’t know the answer, but hope that officer is having great sex now – again, thank you for being so nice to me!

Now normally I lose weight and waist length during vacation as I exercise hard, but I must have eaten big, as I gained 4 of the 5 pounds back (ouch). In spite of this setback, my New Year’s resolution for 2011 is largely intact. I thought I was eating smaller portions, but I definitely did at least an extra 11 minutes of cardio every day, and it is already March 8th.  I’ve tracked my progress on Sharecare.

Remember, when you have wonderful choices, chose the one best for your health— you’ll live younger and happier. I better go with salads only this week!

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