Brussles Sprout Believer!

My sister volunteers at a local cooking school and is always sharing with me new ways to enjoy healthy foods. In a class just last week she was learned a new, interesting way to use Brussels sprouts! This is lucky for me, as I have fallen in love with this leafy little bud. I've been enjoying Brussels sprouts for a few weeks now - they caught my eye at the grocery store. The store had a beautiful display of them where they were all still on their stalks. 


I love to eat food that is in season and these tiny little cabbages looked so fresh and delicious. They looked crisp, firm and dark green - I couldn't wait to take them home and cook them! Unfortunately, my husband has never been a fan. I have tried roasting, baking, sauteeing and boiling them in the past, but it was only with my sister’s recipe that I’ve converted him to a Brussels sprout believer!


I love to try new things and so when I bought a large bunch of Brussls sprouts and brought them home I was excited to try the new technique. My sister told me that instead of cutting the Brussels sprouts in half and laying them on a baking sheet to cook in the oven, I should take each little sprout and gently pull the leaves off from the body of the bud. I did so until I got to a point where the leaves were too tiny. I left the inner "heart of the sprout" intact and laid that on the cooking sheet as well. 


I know doing this sounds like too much work but I promise the effort will be well worth it! After I assembled all the little leaves on the baking sheet, I sprayed them with olive oil spray and sprinkled sea salt over all of them. I had pre-heated the oven to 400°F and I placed them in the hot oven where they cooked until I noticed that all the edges became crisp and brown. I had a big bundle in the oven and they were all totally crisp within 15 minutes! 


After I removed them I couldn't wait to see how they tasted. After one bite I knew this would be my new favorite way to eat them! These little sprout chips can be eaten with you fingers as a crisp snack or used as a crisp topping on any winter soup of your choice. They would be wonderful sprinkled on top of basmati rice, a potato, couscous, quinoa or any grain. They have such a crisp crunch that using them as a topping to any meal will really spice things up in no time for you! They are also more than tasty enough to just eat alone. They would be fabulous as a side dish or a perfect in a big bowl for just crunching and munching on as a snack! 


Brussels sprouts are part of the same family of veggies as kale, collard greens, broccoli and cabbage. These veggies are full of a cancer-fighting property called sinigrin. They are also full of vitamin A, C, folic acid and dietary fiber. I have been trying to keep my diet high in foods containing folic acid because I am pregnant and I know I am getting a healthy dose of it every time I eat these yummy sprouts. 


I encourage you to give Brussels sprouts a try, even if you are someone who has never liked them. If you are already a Brussels sprout believer, however, enjoy these tiny greens as they are fresh and in season! 


Enjoy and try something new!


Added to Wellness Warrior on Mon 12/06/2010