Spray, Season and Enjoy!

I was at work last week talking with our salon owner Mary. She cooks gourmet meals every night that even her 2 1/2 year old son enjoys! Not only does she cook fresh meals that could be on the cover of a cooking magazine, she also grocery shops everyday to ensure only the freshest ingredients for her family.

Mary has been logging her daily food intake and she was telling me about her menu the night before -- lean grilled steak with grilled romaine leaves that were brushed with infused olive oil! Grilling romaine leaves sparked my curiosity. I just so happened to have a few heads of romaine lettuce that I had no immediate plans for, and decided to try this unique preparation for these crunchy leaves. I sprayed them with organic olive oil spray and sprinkled sea salt, pepper and garlic on top. My instructions from Mary were to only grill them for 2 minutes on each side. Not only did this sound interesting, but super quick, too!

I decided to grill chicken breasts and dice green zucchini and red peppers as well. I also cut fresh green onions for garnish. The romaine leaves, surprisingly, kept their crisp crunch and were durable even after being cooked over a flame. Because they had already been brushed with olive oil and lightly seasoned, they did not need any dressing or additional flavor. 

A quick tip: top the bed of these leaves with whatever else you may be grilling up. I loved this!

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