Losing Weight by Building Self-Esteem

Data published by the World Health Organization estimates there are more than 1.5 billion, yes, billion people around the world who are overweight. That’s a whole lot of overweight people.


In my experience, issues with weight are directly connected with issues of self-esteem. The more self-esteem a person has, the better able he or she is to make healthy food and exercise choices.  


As a concept, self-esteem isn’t complicated. It’s simply our capacity to love and nurture ourselves. But while the concept of self-esteem is straightforward, building our self-esteem can be difficult. People with low self esteem fall into the “oh-why-bothers” and make bad decisions concerning themselves.


The best way to get out of the low self-esteem trap is to engage in "esteem-able" acts. Instead of trying to think yourself better, the following concrete steps can move you along a healthier, more esteem-able, path:

  1. Take one small action each day that positively impacts the world around you. The key here is to think small. Pick up a piece of garbage that you see littering the sidewalk. Hold the door open for someone else.
  2. Fake it until you make it. Push yourself through your resistance. Hold your head high when you feel like slouching. Smile at a stranger when you want to turn away your glance.
  3. Start an affirmation journal. Each morning, take 5 minutes to fill up a page of a medium-sized journal with 2 positive affirmations about yourself. Be guided by the person you want to be. If you feel heavy and unattractive, write in your journal, “I am fit and lovely.” If you have a hard time speaking up for yourself, write, “I have a strong and clear voice.”

The key here is to get into ACTION! Because low self-esteem is so deeply engrained in our psyche, we must take little steps to reach the summit of emotional and physical health. Along the path, you’ll see how your insides will guide your outsides. The weight will come off and you’ll radiate beauty from within.

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