Small Steps, Big Change

As an orthopedic surgeon in private practice, I am inspired by my patients who, despite a busy schedule, keep and maintain a high level of fitness.  However, I am even more inspired when patients with historically poor exercise habits make a significant positive change.  Their reasons vary, but there is a consistent theme, that being small steps lead to big change. 

One of my goals as a physician and on this blog is to recommend small, realistic steps to direct a change to good health.  In doing so, you will not only inspire your orthopedic surgeon, but you will move yourself, your family and your friends forward towards better fitness.

Step One:  Pick a Sport

The best exercise is the one that you actually like to do.  Jogging is great, unless you hate jogging.  Biking is fun, unless you can’t get past the post they call a bicycle seat. 

To this end, please contemplate the following:  if you were given a “do-over” in life, in what sport would you wish to excel?  Next, let your choice of sport become the catalyst to develop a plan of action.  For example say you are a 46-year-old female interested in ballet.  Instead of joining a ballet class, which could be a bit overwhelming, take these small more realistic steps towards incorporating ballet-influenced activities in your life:  Google ballet, read a ballet magazine, call your community parks and recreation department for exercise classes incorporating ballet technique.  Participate in all things ballet.  Ballet becomes more than an exercise it transforms into a hobby, a social event and a sport as a by-product. Your focus will breed opportunities unforeseen and soon the small step will lead to a big change.

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