Looking Young, Staying Young

Having a youthful appearance goes beyond the surface level. While taking care of fine wrinkles around your eyes is helpful, in order to truly have and keep a youthful appearance, you need a beauty regimen that goes from head to toe and from the inside to out. Here are some beauty tips that can rejuvenate your skin and keep you feeling and looking young.

Your skin covers your entire body and is at the forefront of your appearance. Try using a hydrating body wash, such as one that contains jojoba butter. After your shower, pat your skin dry and then rub moisturizer onto your damp skin. Apply daily sunscreen to your face, and to your neck, arms, legs, and any body part that may be exposed to the sun.

If you have any areas on your skin that are red or itchy, you may find relief by using cold compresses followed by a lotion that contains Vitamin B3. Those with sensitive skin should avoid any washes or lotions that contain fragrances, and also be weary of some “all natural” products. For example, if you are allergic to flowers and use a rose petal wash, you may have an adverse reaction. Your doctor can help you find the products that are right for you.

An exfoliation routine will scrub off the dead skin cells and allow your beautifully undamaged skin to shine. Various creams can be used for different target areas. Using a cream that promotes elasticity will help firm your skin and other creams can help reduce wrinkles. When dealing with wrinkles, focus on the areas around your eyes, lips and those hard working hands. Hands are washed and abused repeatedly throughout the day and often very neglected. Yet, hands are always in view and can be an age indicator. Apply hand cream throughout the day, especially after washings to seal in the moisture.

Since sun damage can be detrimental to your skin, avoid long term exposure. Ten minutes of natural vitamin D every day is good for you but, after that, wear cover-ups and use sun block. Apply daily moisturizers with SPF to your face and hands. To give your overall skin a tanned look without exposure to harmful UV rays, use self tanners or tinted lotions.

In addition to nourishing your skin from the outside, you also need to take care of it from the inside. Eating healthy and drinking lots of water can help your skin stay hydrated and keep your pores unclogged. Be sure to get 8 hours of sleep so that all of your organs, including your skin, have time to renew. Include night creams in your regimen to aid in skin toning and wrinkle reducing. All of the advice mentioned here can be easily worked into your daily routine and soon you will start looking younger and staying younger.

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