Walk it Out!

Are you looking to lose weight? Or do you just want to get moving? Well lets start with something most of us do everyday...walking! When folks think about weight loss, they think they have to alter their diet and exercise like a mad person all day, every day. Well truth be told, if you are looking to get healthy or lose weight, all you need to do is get back to basics: start eating a healthy diet and begin walking.

At this point I’m sure that you have questions like, how far or for how long? You need to walk at least 10,000 steps each day -- that's just over 4 miles. I can see the expression on your face and it's okay. You cover lots of ground getting ready in the morning, going to the mailbox, walking to meetings, to lunch and even the copy machine. Trying to get in the rest of your steps can be easy, just as long as you have some additional time or are willing to be creative. The first thing I want to suggest is getting a pedometer. Clip it on the moment you wake up to ensure you track every single step.

For some walking on the treadmill each day will work. For me I take time daily to walk during lunch. If you don’t have time at lunch to walk, then carve out 10 minutes several times a day to try and get it done. I once said my daughter was sick and I couldn’t get it done, and my loving coach Dr. Roizen replied, “Walk around her crib as she’s sleeping.”

Okay, point made. I needed to be moving in order to accomplish my weight loss goal. Just know that if I can do it, you can too! So lace up those sneakers, clip on that pedometer, and lets walk it out!