A World with No Pedometers

It seems that every day I’m asked about my pedometer. Folks want to know what brand I use and my thoughts about it. For the record, I’m currently using the Omron HJ-112 and, yes, I love it. Recently, while watching The Dr. Oz Show, I noticed that Dr. Roizen was wearing an upgraded model. I reached out to him and learned that he has the Omron HJ-720ITC, which will be my next purchase.


As I speak with folks from all walks of life about my success, I always mention that my pedometer has been key in my weight loss. Folks often say, “Well, I’ll start once I get my pedometer.” I think great, but in my heart I know that time can sometimes burn out a fire.


I surely don’t want anyone to feel held back because their 20 dollar gizmo doesn’t register well or they can’t afford to purchase it at the moment. I’ve been thinking of ways that folks can still achieve their 10,000 steps without their pedometer, and wanted to share because everyone deserves to reach their goals for health and weight loss.


To start, just aim for 30 minutes of walking daily. While 30 minutes won’t get you 10,000 steps it’s a good start. As time goes on, increase the time that you walk each day.


If you live near a school with a track, most tracks are about a quarter-mile long, which is equivalent to about 500 steps per each complete lap. Go around 4 times and you’ve completed one mile which is the equivalent of 2000 steps. With that said, if you have access to a treadmill or elliptical remember that 5 miles will get you 10,000 steps.


Many malls have walking clubs that have mapped out the course in the mall and will let you know how far the mall course will take you, which will help you understand how far you are going. My new friend Karlene racked up 45 miles as a part of a walking club in Philadelphia. Out-walking everyone in 1 month by 30 miles or more, she has made this her daily routine through snow or shine in her quest for weight loss.


My friends, don’t be held back by the type, fit or lack of a pedometer. Get out there and get moving until you find your Siamese twin known as your pedometer, as me and my pedometer are truly connected at the hip.


I’d love to here from you so email me at toniwyoudocs@gmail.com.


Happy stepping!

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