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YOU: On a Diet

Whether your goal for your body is to lose a dress size or to avoid being seen by Google Earth, many Americans are in the same exact blubbery boat. You've tried dozens of diets, you've sweated so much that your drippings could fill an Olympic-size pool, and you've become convinced that skinny was synonymous with starvation. Those answers undoubtedly were the wrong ones. The real secret to achieving -- and maintaining -- the body you want is this: biology.


In YOU: On a Diet, Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz taught you how to avoid the most common dieting pitfalls -- from both a biological and psychological perspective. This revised edition has all of the original goods, and more! In this edition, you'll learn why fructose is such a poison to an overweight person and why your weight doesn't matter as much as your waist size. You'll learn about the inner workings of an organ called the omentum. You'll learn why it's okay to make some dieting mistakes -- and then how to reverse them. And you'll learn -- perhaps most important -- that the way to truly change your size is by making the simplest change of all: reducing your daily diet by just 100 calories. Research shows that making this small adjustment will lead to the greatest, long-term dieting success.


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