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The Just 10 Challenge


The Just 10 Challenge is about making a small commitment with a huge payoff. Losing just 10 pounds can lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk for a stroke, ward off dementia, lower your risk for uterine and breast cancer, and lower your cholesterol up to 10%. Change the health of America, 10 pounds at a time.

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Healthy Recipes

  • Chef Rocco DiSpiritoís BBQ Ribs

    Avoid piling on the calories this summer with Chef Rocco DiSpiritoís low-sugar, low-fat barbecue. Delicious baby back ribs and naturally sweetened barbecue sauce will keep you looking good in your bathing suit.
  • Crab Salad with Melon and Citrus Marinade

    Delight your palate with this crab salad and accompanying citrus marinade from Chef Chip Roman. With an array of herbs and flavors, you wonít need to add much salt; this is a low-sodium entrÈe.
  • Decadent Chocolate Fix

    Satisfy your sweet tooth while crank-proofing your diet. With over 20 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, avocado keeps you looking and feeling great, while pure cocoa gives your brain a rush of dopamine to fire up your brainís pleasure receptors.
  • Seared Salmon With Hemp Seeds

    Boost your mood with this delicious entrÈe. Salmon, hemp and radishes are all rich sources of omega-3s, a critical nutrient building block for the brain. Hemp also contains essential vitamins and minerals to energize your body.

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