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Diane Keaton – The interview she almost didn’t give! For the first time, she opens up about her battle with bulimia and how she overcame addiction.

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  • New Ayurvedic Fat Fighters

    Originally aired on 04/25/2013

    Dr. Oz reveals what you should eat, drink and add to your meals to fight fat fast. Could these all-natural ayurvedic remedies work for you?

  • How Bad Are Your Health Mistakes?

    Originally aired on 04/24/2013

    Could your health habits be hurting you? From the pills you take to the foods you buy - Dr. Oz sets the record straight! Plus, protect yourself from the diseases you fear the most!

  • Super-Powered Greek Coffee

    Originally aired on 04/23/2013

    Is the key to longevity in a Greek coffee? Learn everything you need to know about this groundbreaking product. Plus, Dr. Oz reveals the latest health gadgets right from your drugstore!

  • Paleo Diet Craze: Does It Work?

    Originally aired on 04/22/2013

    Dr. Oz decodes the popular protein-packed diet that promises big results! Find out if going Paleo is right for you. Plus, Daphne Oz joins Dr. Oz for a daughter-father showdown! Who has the best remedies for your energy, cravings and hangovers?

  • Rogue Bacteria: When a Simple Infection Turns Deadly

    Originally aired on 04/19/2013

    Could your child be at risk? Learn more about new information that could save your child’s life and what to do to prevent sepsis from striking. Plus, could dairy be ruining your health? Get Dr. Oz’s plan to go dairy-free the right way!