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  • 5 Celebrity Rehab Deaths: Dr. Drew Sits Down With Dr. Oz

    Originally aired on 03/05/2013

    Mindy McCready is the latest of five Celebrity Rehab deaths since the show began. Should the show be held accountable? Who’s to blame? Watch to see what Dr. Drew has to say!

  • The Fatigue Solution

    Originally aired on 03/04/2013

    Meet the doctor who cured her own energy crisis! Dr. Oz reveals how three simple fatigue fighters worked for her and could work for you too. Stop feeling tired and start fueling your energy! Plus, Hungry Girl is back and has got brand new ways to help ...

  • Michelle Obama's Big Announcement

    Originally aired on 02/28/2013

    First Lady Michelle Obama is back on Oz’s stage along with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and they have a big announcement that will change the health of our nation’s kids! Plus, Jillian Michaels reveals her secrets on how to get and stay slim ...

  • Meet the Medical Intuitive Who Says You Can Heal Yourself

    Originally aired on 02/27/2013

    Meet the man who says you have the power to diagnose and treat your own health problems! Learn how you can use his techniques at home to read your own body. Plus, the only three cancer tests you need to take.  

  • The Big Food Cover-Up

    Originally aired on 02/26/2013

    Are you addicted to salt, sugar and fat? Meet the reporter who's ready to expose the food industry's dirty secrets.