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  • What's Wrong With Sleep in America?

    Originally aired on 10/26/2011

    If you’re having trouble getting shut-eye, make sense of your sleep patterns over time by keeping this sleep diary.

  • 5 Things Men Don't Want You to Know

    Originally aired on 10/25/2011

    Sex Therapist Ian Kerner tackles your common problems in the bedroom. Get the answers you need from this Q&A.

  • Quick Fixes to Prevent the Diseases You Fear Most

    Originally aired on 10/24/2011

    You can fight heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even cancer – all with these quick and easy fixes.

  • 5 Tests Dr. Oz Wants You to Take Now!

    Originally aired on 10/21/2011

    Dr. Oz reveals 5 tests that will tell all about the state of your health. From your marriage to sleep and diet habits, get the...

  • Miracle Healer or Fraud?

    Originally aired on 10/20/2011

    Some call him a medical fortune teller. Dr. Mosaraf Ali’s unorthodox practice combines conventional medicine with alternative...