Keep off pesky pounds, boost your mood, and spend wisely this season with these foolproof solutions.

Sanity Savers

Tips to cut back on holiday sweets to staying stress-free while you shop.

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Jill Herzig, editor-in-chief of The Good Life, and Dr. Oz share pro tips for eating healthier at a holiday party.

Holiday Helpers

Easy diet, budget, and wellness swaps you can start today to sail through the holidays with ease.

Seasonal Scale-Stoppers

Prevent your weight from creeping up as the holidays go on.

Dr. Oz's Holiday-Eating Plan

Eat your way through the holidays without gaining a pound by following this simple plan designed especially for the holiday...

Wine Calorie Chart

Find out how many calories are in your favorite bottle of wine.

Be Festive, Not Frazzled

Quick tricks to help with everything from keeping the peace to staying cool on the busy roads.

Spending Strategies

Shop smart from meal prep to checking off your gift list.


99 Ways to Use Wine

Use wine for everyday household problems. Find out the different ways to use wine in the kitchen, bathroom and even the garden.


Biggest Supermarket Time and Money Savers

Dr. Oz has created the only grocery list you’ll ever need with 100 items to choose from. Here are his biggest time and money...