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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in the Winter

Dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi and Dr. Oz explain how to prevent and reduce dry, itchy, and rough skin in cold weather. Plus, Dr. Tanzi reveals the two key ingredients that can strengthen your skin and keep it well-hydrated.

  • The Benefits of Moisturizing

    Viewers Samantha and Kim share how Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion helped them combat their dry skin problems. Plus, dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi reveals the best time to moisturize your skin.

  • Real Women Talk Dry Skin

    Guests Samantha and Kim share their holiday season dry skin woes and why they love using Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion.

  • Smart Skin Series: Dry, Cracked, Irritated Skin

    Is your skin dry, cracked, or irritated? Dr. Oz shares what you should do to heal your skin and prevent infection.


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The Winter Skin Regimen

Combat winter’s brutal elements with this plan to put an end to dry skin.

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