Learn how to promote and maintain healthy joints at any age with these healthy tips from Dr. Oz.

Your Joints Explained

Watch as Dr. Oz explains the ins and outs of joint health.

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Its never too late to start feeling better. Dr. Oz shows you the remedies you can try to relieve the aches and pains that come with age, and soothe your bones and joints.

Dr. Oz’s Top Tips for Healthier Joints

Learn how to care for your body and support healthy joints.

Reduce Inflammation Naturally

Find out the small changes you can make to your diet today.

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Anti-Inflammatory Food Swaps

Replace some of the worst culprits in your diet with their anti-inflammatory counterparts with these simple swaps!

Oz's Kitchen

Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

Walnuts, berries and other foods have anti-inflammatory properties that can help make your body feel better. By incorporating...

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