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  • Live Better Newsletter | February 25, 2013

    Dr. Oz's 24-Hour Stress Cleanse Dr. Oz has brought together 3 of the top stress experts to create a 24-hour stress cleanse! But you don't need to stress about de-stressing. The plan is simple. All you need to detox from your anxieties is 15 minutes in the supermarket and less than 50 dollars.
  • Live Better Newsletter | February 21, 2013

    Leaky Gut Syndrome: The Disease Your Doctor Can't Diagnose If you suffer from unexplained rashes, joint pain, bloating, gas and exhaustion, Dr. Oz has the diagnosis you've been waiting for: Leaky Gut Syndrome. Most doctors have never heard of it, but Dr. Oz has the surprising solutions that will provide you with the relief you need. Plus, Dr. Oz reveals the most important supplements you don't know about!
  • Live Better Newsletter | February 20, 2013

    Health Myths Your Gynecologist Believes For years you've trusted your gynecologist with your most intimate health questions, but have they got it all wrong? On today's show, Dr. Oz reveals the shocking health myths even your gynecologist believes! Get the truth about everything from IUDs to whether or not you should schedule an appointment during your period. Plus, fitness guru Shaun T is back with the 5-week plan to fix your worst problem areas.
  • Live Better Newsletter | February 19, 2013

    Secrets of the #1 Diet Revealed Today Dr. Oz has the answer to the question you're always asking: What's the best diet? Ranked #1 by the world's foremost authorities on health and wellness for the third year in a row, it's the DASH diet. Learn how you can lose weight, lower your cholesterol and reduce your cancer risk with this easy to follow diet plan! Plus, Dr. Oz debunks the old wives' tales your mother told you.
  • Live Better Newsletter | February 18, 2013

    Deadly Adderrall Abuse: What Parents Should Know Dr. Oz is angry and he wants you to be too. On today's show, he's shedding light on the over-prescription of the popular "study drug" Adderall. Once hailed as a wonder drug for kids with ADHD, it's now the drug of choice for bright, ambitious young adults trying to get ahead. But this time, they're getting it from their doctors. Could your child be at risk? What every parent needs to know!
  • Live Better Newsletter | February 14, 2013

    America's Most Eligible Doctors Reveal Their Best Health Secrets It's Dr. Oz's Valentine's Day gift to you: America's 50 most eligible doctors! Chosen from a nationwide search, these doctors are single, smart and revealing their top health secrets. Tune in to today's show to get their simple tips to look younger, lose weight and live longer!
  • Live Better Newsletter | February 13, 2013

    The Most Awkward Health Questions Ever Over the years, viewers have asked Dr. Oz some really awkward questions. He's answered questions about everything from vomit burps to "ghost poop" but nothing compares to today's show. Not only is Dr. Oz answering even more awkward questions, he's revealing one of his own! Plus, actress Marilu Henner shares her 7-day energy makeover.
  • Live Better Newsletter | February 12, 2013

    Oz Alert: Killer Sleeping Pills If you, or anyone you know, has ever taken a prescription sleep aid - today's show is for you! Dr. Oz sheds light on the potential dangers of prescription sleep aids. Recent studies have linked them to an increased risk of cancer and death, and the FDA has cut the recommended dosage for certain sleeping pills in half for women. Dr. Oz reveals exactly what you need to know to get to sleep safely.
  • Live Better Newsletter | February 11, 2013

    Counterfeit Foods: Buyer Beware! What you think you're buying at the grocery store isn't what you're actually getting! On today's show, Dr. Oz investigates the surprisingly common food frauds happening across the country. Tune in to find out how misleading labels are stealing your money and putting your health at risk. Plus, Dr. Oz reveals the most dangerous over-the-counter pain killers in your medicine cabinet.
  • Live Better Newsletter | February 8, 2013

    Best No-Diet Weight Loss Tricks Fat-Fighting Solutions week comes to a close today and Dr. Oz has saved the best for last! He's scoured the country for the best, no-diet weight-loss tricks and he's revealing them on today's show. Learn how to lose weight without feeling deprived, no matter what your body type. From the power of smell to the best breakfast for weight loss, these tips are guaranteed to work!