Chicago: Dr. Oz's Health Expo - November 6, 2010



Art Smith, Dale Levitski, Karyn Calabrese and the Spatulatta Girls to Prepare Delicious, Low-Calorie Dining Options for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack-Time and Dinner

Chicago (Oct. 2010 ) – America’s Doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Emmy® Award-winning host of The Dr. Oz Show, has posed a challenge to the chefs of Chicago:  Prepare a delicious, affordable meal that is less than 500 calories per serving.


Four of Chicago’s top chefs are stepping up to the proverbial plate, albeit a dinner plate!  Each will prepare their recipes on site at the Dr. Oz Health Expo: Chicago, an all-day health and wellness event coming to Chicago Saturday, November 6 in the tents on Millennium Park’s Promenade, Michigan and Randolph. Free samples of each chef’s meals will be provided to expo attendees.  Expo hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Admission for the general public is free.


Karyn Calabrese, chef of Karyn’s Fresh Corner, will kick off the day with energizing breakfast options.  Calabrese is a successful entrepreneur and highly sought after holistic health expert who runs a thriving vegan wellness company in Chicago. At 63 years old, Karyn looks nearly a generation younger and enjoys boundless energy and enthusiasm. The Karyn’s brand, including her restaurants, Inner Beauty Center, supplements and skincare/makeup line has enjoyed major success and continues to thrive.


At Noon, Chicago native Dale Levitski, Executive Chef at the critically acclaimed Lincoln Park eatery Sprout, which boasts a delicious French-American prix-fixe bistro menu, will offer demonstrations of delicious lunch and dinner options. Levitski is widely  recognized as one of America's most exciting young chefs, perhaps best known for his appearance on the third season of the reality television competition Top Chef in 2007.


At the ripe-old ages of 11 and 8, Olivia and Isabella Gerasole, known as the Spatulatta girls, became the youngest people ever to win the illustrious James Beard Award for their critically acclaimed website, The young ladies, who delight in experiencing new foods and teaching other kids how to prepare them, will demonstrate one of their favorite school lunch/afternoon snack options. 


Rounding out the day of delectable dining will be Art Smith, executive chef and co-owner of Table Fifty-Two (Chicago) and Art and Soul (Washington, D.C.) restaurants. Smith, well known for his frequent appearances on many television shows (including The Dr. Oz Show), is the author of three award-winning cookbooks: Back to the Table; Kitchen Life: Real Food for Real Families; and Back to the Family. Most recently he contributed recipes and cooking advice to The Spectrum, the newest book by ground-breaking cardiologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Dean Ornish.


The Dr. Oz Health Expo: Chicago is a multi-faceted event that will empower participants to take charge of their personal health and wellness and bring to life signature segments from the popular daytime talk show, enabling Chicago area residents and visitors to touch, feel and experience The Dr. Oz Show for themselves and get the latest health information. 


Dr. Oz is familiar to Chicago viewers as host of The Dr. Oz Show, which airs at 3 and 4 p.m. CT each day on WFLD, Fox Chicago.  In addition, Dr. Oz has appeared as a guest on more than 55 episodes of the Chicago-based The Oprah Winfrey Show.  The Dr. Oz Health Expo: Chicago will include a “Know Your 5” screening, where pre-registered participants can learn the five key measures to mastering their health – cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and waist size – along with other information they need to know to help them reach their goal numbers. 


“I want to spend a day in Chicago teaching people the five numbers that can save their lives, and giving them the Dr. Oz Show experience up close and personal,” says Dr. Oz.  “We will have plenty of things to touch, eat, feel and learn and we hope you leave the expo a smarter patient than when you walked in.  This is the town where I learned how to be on television, so now I am back to teach Chicago how to stay healthy.”  


Other major components of The Dr. Oz Health Expo: Chicago will include:

  • Just 10 Challenge – an exhibit that focuses on the benefits and methods of losing Just 10 pounds.  This challenge is a running theme throughout the current second season of The Dr. Oz Show and follows success stories throughout the year. The expo will feature some of the experts on the Just 10 team and a station for each of the Just 10 tips.
  • "Assistant of the Day" (AOD) Anatomy Lab – Participants will don Dr. Oz’s popular purple rubber gloves and see, touch and learn about real cadaverous human and animal organs as they are shown on the show each day.  Medical students will be on-hand to show and tell fascinating insights into how our bodies work.
  • Truth Tube – Straight from the set of The Dr. Oz Show comes the Truth Tube, a chamber where those who enter learn their vital statistics and their RealAge. Who in Chicago will be brave enough to enter?
  • The Dinner Club – In conjunction with well-known chefs from around Chicago, the Dinner Club will be a marquee gastronomic tutorial. Based on a popular segment of The Dr. Oz Show, The Dinner Club challenges viewers to cook and videotape their ideal 500 calorie dinner and submit it for a chance to be on the show.  Participants will have a chance to sample some of these delicious and nutritious meals for themselves.
  • Pledge Wall - This is an area where participants can make a pledge to stay healthy.
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