"The Show Saved My Life"

Three viewers share their personal stories of how The Dr. Oz Show prompted them to seek life-saving medical care.

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The Dr. Oz Show often features real people – people like you – in segments about health and well-being. If you're an avid viewer of the show, you have probably picked up some tips and tricks that have helped you improve your health. But did you ever think what you see on television could save your life? Three viewers shared their stories. Read on to find out how watching The Dr. Oz Show led them seek to life-saving medical attention.

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"Prior to my diagnoses [stomach cancer], I already had given up on trying to find out what was wrong with my stomach. All the doctors I went to diagnose me with GERD and gave me antacid to relieve my symptoms. The antacids worked for a couple of days, but then I was back to feeling the same. I recorded The Dr. Oz Show and watched them after work. There was one show that caught my attention – the show was about stomach issues."

"That night I remember thinking that I have a lot to live for and I should continue to find the answer to my symptoms. I took Dr. Oz's advice, which was to find a doctor that would listen. Dr. Oz also said to listen to your body, which I was, but nobody else was listening to me."

"Sometimes it is the smaller things we do, like giving advice, saying a quote or making a statement, that makes a difference. From experience, I can say it does, because Dr. Oz gave me advice that I took seriously and it made a huge difference in my life. "


"Dr. Oz didn't just change my life. He saved my life. He did a show on oral health and hygiene. During the show he discussed having your dentist or hygienist check out your tongue during cleanings/exams. I had had a sore on my tongue for six to eight months that just would not go away. It was a lot like a canker sore. After seeing the show I went to my dentist then an ENT."

"I was told I was in Stage 4 cancer that was metastasizing into my lymph nodes."

"My surgeon told me that I had a 30% chance to survive, and if I had waited even another week or so, my chances would have been 5% and most likely I would not have survived. So after multiple surgeries, radiation, feeding tubes, therapy, losing 137 pounds, etc., I am alive to see my daughter grow up. I owe my life to Dr. Oz."