Committing to a healthy life means you have to get moving! Start today with easy exercise plans, insider advice from fitness gurus and trainers, and the most up-to-date information about shaping and toning your body.

No Excuse: Workout Series

The only thing between you and exercise is an excuse. Get moving with these routines!

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  • Lose Weight with Shaun T

    Flush the fat and get in shape with workouts and meal plans from fitness trainer Shaun T!

  • Everyday Yoga

    Target your problem areas with these fast and effective yoga sessions from fitness expert Bethany Lyons!

  • Yoga in 10

    Whether you're looking to gain strength or just calm your mind, stretch your way to better health with yoga.

  • Total Body Reboot

    Celebrity trainer Steve Jordan promises that if you spend a little training time with him, you'll reboot your body – and how...

  • Fit in Five

    Fast doesn't have to mean ineffective. Jump-start your fitness and squeeze any of these workouts into your daily routine.

  • Healthy Choices

    We all know the key to a healthy lifestyle is making the right choices, but sometimes those healthy choices can seem...

  • Tips For Staying Active, Pain-Free

    Is pain preventing you from staying active? Do not let discomfort sideline you from fitness.

  • Get Fit and Improve Your Health Numbers

    Beyond keeping you slim and trim, a regular exercise routine can drastically improve your health numbers such as blood pressure,...

  • What’s the Best Time to Exercise?

    By YouBeauty.comFind out if hitting the gym in the morning, afternoon or evening really matters.

  • 6 Ways to Get Your Couch Potato Moving

    By Joanna Dolgoff, MD, Child Obesity Specialist for The Biggest LoserAuthor of Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right

  • Q&A: Pain Management

    By Kathleen M. Prampin, MPTYour biggest questions about pain management have been answered! Physical therapist Kathleen M....

  • The Total Body Reboot Challenge

    Do you feel too overwhelmed when it comes to eating well and staying fit? You’re not alone. Today’s busy lifestyle can make...

  • 3 Rules to Reboot Your Metabolism

    This 3-step plan is a surefire way to get your metabolism back in gear.

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  • What's Your Fitness Level?

    Lace up your sneaks and start sweating for your health today! Take this quiz to see which level you should start at in our Back...

  • 10 Mental Tricks for a More Effective Workout

    Mindfulness can help you take your fitness routine to the next level. By Andy Puddicombe for

  • Love Your Lower Body

    Created by renowned fitness expert Sadie Lincoln, Love Your Lower Body uses the latest exercise science to bring you BETTER,...

  • Cankles Fact Sheet

    Rediscover your once-graceful ankles with this cankle-banishing fact sheet.

  • FastExercise

    Hailed as “a health revolution” by the New York Times, Michael Mosley’s FastDiet—also known as the 5:2 diet—gave the...