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Dr. Oz's Celebrity Science Fair

Laugh and learn as you watch Dr. Oz judge grade-school science experiments put together by his famous friends!

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  • Everyday Yoga

    Target your problem areas with these fast and effective yoga sessions from fitness expert Bethany Lyons!

  • The Supplement Score Card

    Get alternative-health expert Bryce Wylde's bottom line on the supplements you're unsure about.

  • Behind The Scrubs

    Ever wonder what spurred your favorite doctors pursue a career in medicine? Learn more!

  • No Excuse: Workout Series

    The only thing between you and exercise is an excuse. Get moving with these routines!

  • Healthy Substitutions

    Cut fat and calories from your favorite dishes with chef Rocco DiSpirito!

  • Fresh Perspectives

    If you're stuck in a rut, refresh your perspectives with these expert tips.

  • Fit in Five

    Fast doesn't have to mean ineffective. Jump-start your fitness and squeeze any of these workouts into your daily routine.

  • Spring Cleaning

    No time to fit in a workout? Tone your body during your spring cleaning with these easy routines!

  • Yoga in 10

    Whether you're looking to gain strength or just calm your mind, stretch your way to better health with yoga.

  • Total Body Reboot

    Celebrity trainer Steve Jordan promises that if you spend a little training time with him, you'll reboot your body – and how...

  • Live Longer For Less

    Boost your longevity with these flavorful meals from celebrity chef Sam Talbot.

  • barre3

    barre3 offers fun, easy and innovative workouts that can be done from the comfort of your home. Give one a try today!

  • 30 Days Of Beauty

    Boost your beauty quotient inside and out with these simple tips. Become a more beautiful you in just 30 days!

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  • 10 Mental Tricks for a More Effective Workout

    Mindfulness can help you take your fitness routine to the next level. By Andy Puddicombe for YouBeauty.com

  • Love Your Lower Body

    Created by renowned fitness expert Sadie Lincoln, Love Your Lower Body uses the latest exercise science to bring you BETTER,...

  • Cankles Fact Sheet

    Rediscover your once-graceful ankles with this cankle-banishing fact sheet.

  • FastExercise

    Hailed as “a health revolution” by the New York Times, Michael Mosley’s FastDiet—also known as the 5:2 diet—gave the...

  • Pop Pilates Workout One-Sheet

    This simple, four-step workout from Pop Pilates creator Cassey Ho promises to get you in shape in time for spring.